I don’t know what to do!

Let’s talk about those moments…you know the ones…the ones where you know that you are about to “lose it”. You feel the hotness in your face, your hands are shaking and your breathing is suddenly rapid. You suddenly lose all ability to have a calm conversation, because you want to hurt something.

When the tears are streaming down your face and you have no power to stop them.

You are angry you have shit you have to get through on your own, and feel like you are completely alone.

The shit that no one talks about. The shit that makes you want to numb yourself because you can no longer stand the pain.

No meditation or guru or breathing will talk you out of this one. No stone, no sage , no essential oils will give you the solace you need to make it through. You simply do not have the mental strength to give yourself over to self healing because you are so immersed in the raw emotions for the time.

The shit that makes you want to ball up all your power and just let all the crazy out in a destructive mode because these are the moments that no one can get to the heart of.  The amount of energy it takes to hold yourself back from picking up something and smashing it against the wall is all the strength you can muster for the moment.

You know what I mean?